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Our next Corriente beef orders will be available Thursday, NOVEMBER 14 & Saturday, NOVEMBER 16. Deposits must be made by Sunday, OCTOBER 27 to pick up on those days. If needed, you can find our contact information HERE.

(In addition to bulk orders, we also offer beef in separate cuts. For more information, including pricing, please visit our separate cuts page HERE.)

PLEASE READ: Important Ordering Information:

  1. All deposits are non-refundable. This is a DEPOSIT to hold your meat. It is NOT your order total. Your deposit does go toward the final price.
  2. When you place your deposit you will receive an order confirmation by email (please use a current email address). Approximately one to two weeks before the pick-up dates we will email the balance due and further details.
  3. Pick-up times are during the following hours on the dates specified above: Thursdays 2-6pm or Saturdays 10am-3pm. If your meat is not picked up by Saturday, we charge a $20 fee per day to store it for you.
  4. We butcher on a monthly basis.

Our Corriente cattle enjoy the ability to roam and graze on fresh, green pasture with a supplement of our homegrown alfalfa hay in the winter months. Our cows are grass fed from start to finish. They are treated humanely and receive no antibiotics or hormones. Why do we raise Corriente beef? Because we believe they taste the best as the meat is lean and full of flavor. The meat cooks similar to elk - a lot of flavor without a lot of fat. Corriente cattle are the "old-fashioned beef". A few of the benefits of purchasing this type of beef include:

  • They have not been genetically bred for growth. The cattle are smaller than the commercial beef cows we are used to - when you purchase beef from us you don't need to buy a big freezer. 
  • They are very lean animals which means very lean meat. There is little fat and the beef is healthier for you. Our ground beef is naturally about 97% lean - no fat needs to be removed from it.
  • You can always have fresh beef in your freezer. The smaller cows mean you will actually eat all of your beef before it goes bad or has freezer burn. You can order a half or a whole cow every six months or so and have delicious, fresh meat to eat throughout the year.

To read more about why we raise this breed visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

All of our beef is aged, hand-cut and wrapped right here on the farm with our in-house butcher. The meat is watched carefully as it ages to ensure optimal flavor and tenderness. Your order will then be curated by the farmer himself to verify it meets our standard.


Premium processing includes the optimal cuts from our beef based on our butcher's recommendations. A premium processing order will include most, but not all, of the following cuts depending on your order quantity:

  • Tenderloin Steak
  • Rib Steak
  • Sirloin Steak
  • T-bone Steak
  • Cube Steak
  • Ground Beef
  • Shoulder Roast
  • Rump Roast
  • Pot Roast
  • Soup Bones
  • Stew Meat

Packaging will include:

  • One inch thick steaks with two steaks per package
  • One pound of ground beef per package
  • One three to five pound roast per package

About 50% of the order will be ground/stew/ribs, 30% roasts & 20% steaks

(For Half & Whole orders ONLY: If you would like any of the following included - liver, ground heart, kidneys, tongue, oxtail, marrow bones - please specify with your order or send us an e-mail.)


100% Grass Fed Corriente Beef:
Premium Processing  = $6.25/lb PACKAGED weight

Taking orders for NOVEMBER 14 & 16, 2019

(We cannot hold orders in our freezers. Your beef must be picked up on those days)

The meat will be frozen, wrapped in plastic & butcher paper, and boxed for your convenience. Each box will contain approximately 35 pounds of beef


Whole Beef: 280 lbs. = $1,750 (8 boxes)
Half Beef: 140 lbs. = $875 (4 boxes)
Quarter Beef: 70 lbs. = $437.50 (2 boxes)

Corriente Beef Deposit - Premium Processing


Custom processing, available for half & whole orders, allows you to request certain cuts of meat or make a few changes here and there, such as:

  • Thickness of your steaks
  • Weight of your roasts
  • Number of steaks included per package
  • If cuts are made into more roasts or more steaks

Custom orders are based on the hanging weight of the cattle, which is the weight of the meat before packaging. Pricing is different than premium processing because of this reason.

If you select custom processing an e-mail will be sent requesting specifications to the address used when the order was placed.

(Please note the difference between these two. Premium is based on the PACKAGED weight. Custom is based on the HANGING weight - the weight of the steer before it is cut. Custom is MORE expensive per pound.)

100% Grass Fed Corriente Beef:
Custom Processing = $5.00/lb HANGING weight

Taking orders for NOVEMBER 14 & 16, 2019

(We cannot hold orders in our freezers. Your beef must be picked up on those days)


Whole Beef: Average hanging weight 270-430 lbs.
Half Beef: Average hanging weight
135-215 lbs.

Your Cost:

Whole Beef: $1,350 - $2,150

Half Beef: $675 - $1,075

Corriente Beef Deposit - Custom Processing