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Summer 2019 Update: Whole chickens, chicken cuts, organs & feet are all now available to purchase at the farm. We do not take orders for chicken as they are available on a first-come, first-serve basis at our farm. More information, including hours and location, can be found here: Farm Store. If needed, you can find our contact information HERE

Chicken that is raised right here in Utah on fresh greens. Our chicks are brooded indoors until they have their feathers, then moved out onto pasture where they eat grass, sprouts and and our custom corn & soy free poultry feed. Commercial chickens are arguably the most abused animals in the food production industry. Living in deplorable conditions, they grow at such a rapid rate it leads to health problems such as heart attacks and weak or broken legs. In contrast, we raise slow-growing Cornish broilers and keep them outdoors where they can scratch, peck, stretch their wings and basically act like chickens. All of our poultry is humanely harvested on site at our farm.

All Natural Chicken

$5.00/lb. for a whole chicken (Average weight 3-6 lbs)

Currently available. Visit our farm store page for more information.


Sara S. (Spanish Fork, UT)
"The chicken turned out deliciously!  Honestly, it was one of our favorite meals."