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Chicken is currently SOLD OUT. It should be available again in May/June. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified when we have more birds available: Mailing List  If needed, you can find our contact information HERE


Sara S. (Spanish Fork, UT)
"The chicken turned out deliciously!  Honestly, it was one of our favorite meals."


We have chosen to raise Cornish Cross chickens because they have a familiar taste to the chicken available from the store. More importantly, however, they are not fed any antibiotics or growth hormones. Our chickens are clean, healthy and happy. Their diet consists of pasture grass and locally produced grains. All of our poultry is humanely processed on site at our farm.

On occasion we also raise Red Ranger chickens. These birds are smaller and tend to have more dark meat.

All Natural Chicken

$4.00/lb. for a whole chicken (Average weight 3-6 lbs)

Currently unavailable. Visit our separate cuts page for more information.



PLEASE NOTE: We will NOT be processing poultry in January or February 2014.

As of January 2014 all poultry we process for others must be used for personal consumption only. Birds cannot be resold after that point.

We can process poultry here at our farm. We do this on the second Tuesday of each month, depending on how many birds there are. Pricing is:



$20/turkey IF the bird has a dressed weight of more than 25 lbs.


If you are interested please contact us at least a week before our next processing date so we can get you on the schedule.