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Laid by happy, frolicking hens who are fed sprouts, grass, and our custom feed mix, as well as whatever insects they come across in their travels. Outdoors on pasture each day they are truly "free range" hens - we never use cages and they are never locked indoors.

"Laying hens are crowded into cages that are so small that there is not enough room for all of the birds to sit down at one time." Jo Robinson - eatwild.com

You can tell by the egg yolks - their orange color shows how nutrient dense and flavorful they are!

Free Range Eggs


Available during our farm hours.

You can find more information here.


Julie K. (Park City, UT)
"The eggs had the richest yolk I've seen, and they stood up high! I'll spread the word about your farm...it's a Godsend!"