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Food Freedom in Utah (January 2016 Update)

Over the past few months, we have been working with Representative Marc Roberts and several other local farmers & small food producers in Utah on a proposed bill for this year's legislative session. HB 144, known as the Food Freedom Act, restores the right to consumers to purchase or sell local food without state government oversight. It would give consumers greater access and ability to purchase fresh local homemade foods, and will encourage the expansion of agricultural sales by farmers markets, ranches, farms, CSA’s, and home based producers. HB 144 is proposed by Representative Marc Roberts and will be heard in the upcoming session. There will be a lot of opposition so we need all the support we can find to help get the bill passed! Please help us spread the word. Share on social media, email your friends, and encourage others to join us!

Sign the petition here:

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Farms, Food & Freedom for Utah
Utah Food Freedom

You can also contact your legislators encouraging them to support it.

Earlier this week we had to say goodbye to our sweet Maggie. She was outside working with Shayn, and as she went to jump down from a trailer, for some reason she made a misstep and broke her leg. After x-rays, our vet told us it would require a complicated surgery to repair, and even then he wasn't sure if it would completely heal. A heartbreaking decision to make, we decided it was best to let her go.

She was such a wonderful dog. She was Shayn's "right-hand man", always around keeping an eye on things. She was kind & gentle, not only with our kids but with our animals too. She had a warm welcome for any who stopped in to visit our farm and many of you greeted her as she would sunbathe on the front steps of our store. She was part of our farm & our family. We miss her.

Framing is done. Roof is finished. Metal sheeting is going up. We won't have to work around the weather now that the outside is almost complete. Our goal is to have milk for sale by the end of February!

Our next bulk orders will be available FEBRUARY 18 & 20. Deposits are due Saturday, January 31! Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and Alaskan Salmon are all currently available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store this weekend and pick up some separate cuts.

Did you make a resolution to eat healthier this year? Let us help! We carry nutrient-dense organs meats. Bones for healthy broths. Antibiotic-free chicken. Grass-fed & finished beef. Pastured pork. Delicious eggs. Stop by the market to get what you need!

We know this line is normally associated with the postal service, but today it definitely applies to the farmer. Even though it was a blizzard yesterday morning the animals still needed to be taken care of, so Shayn and our great farm-hands bundled up, got to work, and completed the daily chores.


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