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Easter Essentials (March 2016 Update)

Easter is this weekend - let us help with dinner! We still have a great selection of HAMS to choose from, along with LEG OF LAMB and RACK OF LAMB. We also have our PASTURED EGGS available for traditional deviled eggs or even for coloring. (Yes! You can dye brown eggs.) Fresh eggs can sometimes be difficult to peel when hard-boiling, but we love this method and have found it works well: Perfect Easy-Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

All cuts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Shop early for the best selection!
THURSDAY 2:00-5:30PM

We have the following available again beginning Thursday:
Whole Chickens
Chicken Feet
Chicken Liver & Heart
Chicken Necks

Cut-ups and bones will arrive this summer.

Yes, there is actually a holiday for our favorite swine friends. We celebrated with the KSL News Morning show when Hard Workin' Haley stopped in to get a first-hand look at our pigs. Although they were a little reluctant at first (it was early & they love their sleep), they perked up when Shayn arrived with breakfast. You can check out one of the spots at the following link and watch Farmer Shayn's best pig impersonation (he's a good sport!).

Celebrate National Pig Day at Utah Natural Meat

The barn & milk parlor are completed, we're installing the last of the milking equipment we need, and the cows are on their way. We still have two inspections to pass before we can sell milk. Depending on schedules, we could be ready to go in just two weeks. We will post an update when we're officially licensed.

Our next bulk orders will be available APRIL 14 & 16. Deposits are due THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 26! Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and Alaskan Salmon are all currently available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store this weekend and pick up some separate cuts.

Last weekend we started preparing the fields for spring planting. Farmer Shayn found a creative way to combine work & play with an old sled and some baling twine. Our boys took turns for two hours gliding through the fresh dirt. We love the sounds & the smells of tilling the earth this time of the year. (Thanks to Chase, Shayn's brother, and the horses for their hard work & help.)


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