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Eat, Learn, Grow (January 2019 Update)

Happy new year! And with it we welcome winter to the farm. Now that the cold has arrived we have trucks that won't start, water troughs frozen over, and a biting wind most mornings when we head out to do chores. Although this season brings it challenges we also welcome a bit of rest. We focus on our highest priority of keeping our animals healthy and fed in the elements, but we also have some time to plan for the upcoming year - the arrival of chickens, turkeys, produce, new products, and new classes. It's exciting as we brainstorm with our team and we look forward to what this urban oasis has in store for us all. We're so glad you're joining us. Welcome to a new year on the farm!

UNM Bone Broth. Full of collagen, healthy fats, and a variety of minerals. It protects your joints, it's good for your gut, and helps your skin & immune system. We love to sip a piping hot mug of it on these cold winter mornings. We brew our broths right here at the farm with our grass-fed and pastured bones, along with a chicken foot for that added boost of goodness.

Beef and chicken are currently in stock - $9.00/quart. Or pick up some bones to simmer your own. All UNM bones are currently $2.00/pound and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey, each with their unique flavors and benefits. If you're feeling brave, we also have chicken feet in the store. These are a wonderful addition to any stock you make, giving your broth added collagen. They are peeled and ready to just toss in your brew.

We'll also we holding our Bone Broth class in February if you'd like to learn more. Watch our website or social media pages as we'll have a set date scheduled soon.

Hi! We're the Whitakers! (a.k.a. Shopgirl Kristin :)

Among the many things I am grateful for is all of you I get to visit with at the farm. I love our shared passion for good, healthy food and ethical, sustainably raised meat. I love "talking shop" with you, hearing your health journeys, and sharing tips and recipes together. The kind of people that shop at UNM are my peeps! So I thought I would share what I am most grateful for: my family. You may recognize these smiling faces as I am doubly blessed that my kids get to work at the store with me! They take turns each day. (You'll even find my hubby from time to time in the garden and round about.) I love having adventures with them including hiking, camping, cooking, and scary movies. They crack me up all the time. They love helping customers in the store or to the car, they love interacting with the animals, and they love finding fun wherever they are. My heartfelt thanks to all of you that have been kind to them and made this such a great learning experience! From all of us to you, may the New Year bring light and love, health and wellness to us all. See you at the farm!

Here's a fun throwback picture. It's amazing how the landscape has changed around us in the past few years.

In 2010 we began raising and harvesting broiler chickens. We'd set up the equipment a few times each season and spend the day working with our small boys alongside our friend, Troy, who showed us the ropes (it was new territory for us!). Then the law changed and we were required to have a poultry processing facility and harvest the birds indoors. It was a big, nervous leap to build it but we're so glad we did as it now allows us to provide our awesome UNM pastured chickens every year.

Currently our set up doesn't look much different than this. We use the same equipment, same skills. It's just that now we have a processing room to work in, although at times we do miss the chance to be outdoors.

There' so much talk about weight loss at the beginning of each year. In her new class, Kristin will walk you through the biology behind it, learning to work with your body to achieve a healthy weight. We'll also chat about Keto this month and learn the ins and outs of beekeeping. Check out what's on the calendar below:

Thursday, January 10 at 6:30pm
Instructor: Kristin Whitaker - owner at Little Purple Barn, Market Manager at UNM
Tuition: $15 (includes instructional booklet, recipes, samples, and Kristin's contact information for ongoing support)

  Register Here  

Thursday, January 24 at 6:30pm
Instructor: Kristin Whitaker - owner at Little Purple Barn, Market Manager at UNM
Tuition: $15 (includes recipes, tips, samples, and Kristin's contact information for ongoing support)

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Tuesday, January 29 at 6:30pm

Instructor - Mark Ellingson of Neighborhood Beekeeping
Tuition - $25 (includes one jar of Beejuvenate balm)
Mark recommends ordering bees by February so this a great time to begin making your plan for the upcoming year.

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Pork was once marketed as "the other white meat", but pork raised right is full of color and looks similar to beef. UNM Chops come from pigs eating greens and our custom feed mix, spending their days outside to root the earth and wallow in the mud. No corn. No soy. Just clean feed which means clean meat.

We're currently taking reservations for bulk order pick up in January. Our next orders will be available JANUARY 24 & 26. Deposits are due SUNDAY, JANUARY 6 (tomorrow!). Corriente beef, Angus beef, lamb, and pork are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

 Corriente Beef      Angus Beef      Pork      Lamb      Salmon 


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