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Feeding Calves, Feeding Chickens, Feeding Ourselves (May 2019 Update)

MAY 2019

With all of the rain this spring, grass has been growing everywhere. After blocking off all exits (and on days the store is closed), we've let our cows have the run of the farm this week so they can feast on all of this goodness. They make a great clean-up crew!

Sunshine and warmer temperatures mean our Jersey cows are giving us much more milk now.
Gone are the days of long lines and "sold out" signs - hooray! We have plenty of our raw milk in stock, ready for homemade ice cream, cheesemaking, or simply taking a moment to enjoy a tall glass of this goodness.

We've also been busy in our butcher shop - smoking, seasoning, and cutting. Bacon is in abundance, as well as bratwurst and sausages.
Experience a little bit of farm life and connect with the animals as you help us bottle feed calves

Saturdays at 11:00am

Just check in at the store and we'll direct you from there. Young and old alike are welcome! We love the opportunity it gives even the littlest among us to understand more about where our food comes from.

And during your visit, take some time to say hello to our pigs, sheep, and horses. Our market will also be open, stocked with nourishing, wholesome foods fresh from our farm.

One truth we live by at the farm is not only "we are what we eat", but "we are what we eat - eats"! This is true for the poultry we care for and the eggs they produce.

For all of you with feathery friends, we're carrying an awesome new feed at the farm! Hippie Hens is a beautiful, non-GMO feed your birds will love. No corn. No soy. And just $20 for a 40 pound bag. You can learn more about it here:

Hippie Hens Feed

We also have our custom UNM no corn, no soy pellet feed in stock too. Pricing is $18 for a 50 pound bag.

Both are available on the front porch at the farm.


"We like to support our local farmer. We know how the animals are treated, we know what they're fed - that's really important to us.

Honestly, food is the most important purchase you can make over time. We buy all of our meat here. We love that we have access to this stuff and the prices aren't ridiculous. We appreciate that. You try and buy the organic at Sprouts or Whole Foods, but you still don't really know. We like that here we can come in and talk to Shayn."

Jen & Jon - UNM Customers, Parents, & CrossFit Titans

"I like to know the people who produce my food because I can trust where it came from. If they're feeding the same food to their family then I can be sure it's going to be good for my own family. The nutritional profile of grass-fed, pasture raised products is so much higher than others. We shop here for health. We do it for peace of mind."

Autumn - UNM Customer, Mom, and Long-Time Patron of the Farm
Chat about Keto, or join our first cheesemaking class at the farm!
Bring your questions and find out how to keto for YOU.

Tuesday, May 28 at 6:30pm
Instructor: Kristin Whitaker - Owner at LPB Wellness, Market Manager at UNM
Tuition: $15 (includes samples, instructional booklet, recipes)
Make your own mozzarella at home in as little as thirty minutes.

Saturday, June 15 at 1:00pm
Instructor: Farmer Shayn
Tuition: $20 (includes samples, instructional booklet, recipes)
Click Here to Register for Classes

"Are your cattle grass fed from start to finish?" We've fielded this question quite often recently. It's a great one to ask because labels can be deceiving.

Some meat labeled "grass fed" means the animal did eat grass during it's life, but then was finished on grain right before butchering. Not here. We don't believe cattle should ever eat grain as it causes them to get sick. Our cows eat the right feed their entire life. So when we say "grass fed", know it's 100%. Grass fed and grass finished means a healthy animal, healthy meat, and a healthier you.

We're currently taking reservations for bulk order pick up later this month. Our next orders will be available May 30 & June 1. Deposits are due this Sunday, May 12 to hold your portion.Corriente BeefAngus Beefpork, and lamb are all available. Do you want to try our meat before making a big purchase? Simply stop by our farm store to pick up some separate cuts.
Bulk Order Information

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