Shoulder Roast Special (March 2018 Update)

(**SOLD OUT**)!
For a short time we are offering a handful of beef shoulder roast cases at over a 30% discount. Here are the details:

- 40 pound box of 100% grass-fed beef shoulder roast
- $170 for the case ($4.25/pound)
- Average roast size between 3-5 pounds
- Ready during farm hours
- Limited quantity on hand

These are boxed and ready to go - just ask in the store when you stop by.

Shoulders (a.k.a. Chuck Roast) are one of my favorites to cook. They have beautiful marbling throughout and shred so easily. The meat is tender, moist, and full of flavor. The photo shows one cooked on low in a crock pot for ten hours then shredded to perfection.

(Offer good while supplies last. Offer applies only to CASES of beef shoulder roasts, not individual roasts in the UNM store.)


We have a couple of exciting new events scheduled as well as a repeat of some favorites. Farmer Shayn will be offering two workshops on butter making & poultry processing. Both of these are have very limited seating in order to give each participate individual hands-on training.

Below is what's currently on the calendar. Follow the links to sign up!

Beginning Broth and Beyond
THURSDAY, MARCH 15 at 6:30pm

The Basics of Backyard Chickens
SATURDAY, MARCH 17 at 1:00pm

The ABC's of Beekeeping
THURSDAY, MARCH 29 at 6:30pm

Yogurt & Kefir: A Probiotic Party
SATURDAY, APRIL 7 at 1:00pm

Crafting Cultured Butter
THURSDAY, APRIL 12 at 6:30pm

Fowl Fundamentals: The How-To of Harvesting Poultry
SATURDAY, APRIL 14 at 1:00pm

And don't forget the opportunity to help us bottle-feed our calves! Every Saturday at 11:00am.


We finally received a significant amount of snow after a couple of storms in February. Some of our dairy gals decided to come out and investigate once the powder stopped falling. Our milk cows call the red barn behind them home, but actually prefer to spend the majority of their time outside. During harsh weather they will bed down inside where we have a soft bed of fresh sawdust waiting for them.

Our next bulk orders will be available APRIL19 & 21. Deposits are due SUNDAY, APRIL 1. Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and salmon are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

We're asked often when we'll have our pastured chicken back in stock. Honestly, we don't know. We've tried to guess on some dates recently, but the birds are taking their time and still have a couple of pounds to gain before they'll be at a good harvest weight. Raising chickens in the winter months is difficult and long. They grow so much more slowly, take extra care, and are more susceptible to the weather. So at this point we don't have an estimated date, but we will send out an email when we know they'll be ready. And we anticipate having them on a fairly consistent basis again beginning in June.

Your furry friends will love you when you bring home a pint of this. Raw Colostrum just bottled. Some of our cows give extra and it's perfect for your pets. We have a great supply of it right now - $8/pint. Just ask at the counter when you're in the store. (For animal consumption only)


Food is not just fuel.
Food is about family,
food is about community,
food is about identity.
And we nourish all those things when we eat well.

-Michael Pollan


New Year, New Ideas, New Products (January 2018 Update)

A few weeks ago we sent out a survey asking for your opinion on classes here at the farm. Thank you for your feedback! We've been reviewing the information with our team and we're currently creating a schedule for the upcoming year. In the next few days we'll have all of the details for 2018 classes available on our website. We'll send an email to you when it's ready - just keep an eye on your inbox!

We purchased additional cows, most of them have calved (along with many of our "regulars"), plus the weather has been unseasonably warm, so we have more milk! We haven't sold out at all during the month of January. If you need milk and want to avoid the opening rush, just come a little later. We have plenty of this raw goodness on the shelves!

This stuff magic in a stick. Our pastured ground turkey, seasoned and then smoked in our smokehouse here at the farm. Available while supplies last as turkeys are a once-a-year process around here. (Ingredients: Brown sugar, pepper, garlic, salt, hickory smoke)

Going into winter is a great time to stock your freezer with healthy, local meats. Our next bulk orders will be available FEBRUARY 22 & 24. Deposits are due this SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 3. Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and salmon are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

Did you know we have an underground greenhouse here at the farm? And currently there are amazing microgreens growing inside! Pictured here are broccoli, sunflower and peas, and we also have radish & kale in stock. They taste fresh and crisp and make the best salads. Grab some next time you're here - $4 for a bag of healthy goodness.

Tried a new recipe last week for dinner and we all gave it a thumbs up. I made a few variations in order to use more products from the farm:

- substituted ground turkey for the chicken (we're out of chicken for a few more weeks)
- homemade chicken broth
- substituted kale microgreens and pea microgreens for the kale
- used Monterey Jack RAW cheese

It was a simple, quick meal with basic, healthy ingredients. Try it out! You can find the recipe here:

A recent article was a great reminder to buy eggs from your local farm, where chickens are legitimately raised outdoors. Our birds eat green sprouts all year long while they run and scratch and stretch their wings. They are simply given their natural right to enjoy being a chicken.

"The organic label stated that the laying hens were raised 'with outdoor access.' ...Only it wasn’t true, at least not in the way most of us would understand outdoor access. Produced for Walmart’s private label by Cal-Maine Foods in Chase, Kansas, the hens lived in industrial, multi-story barns with tiny portholes and long ramps to access enclosed porches. No soil or vegetation. No fresh air or sunshine." You can read the rest of the article here:

Is Wal-Mart Defrauding Customers Into Spending More for "Organic" Eggs?



Growing & Gratitude (November 2017 Update)

Thanksgiving is just two days away! A few UNM birds are still on the shelves, ready for your feast. The birds remaining are between 20-25 pounds and we'll be open today from 2-6pm if you want to stop in and pick one up.

It is still possible to thaw one before Thursday and it's actually pretty simple. Using a cold water bath, the USDA guidelines suggest 30 minutes per pound. Just make sure to change the water every half hour and keep the turkey completely covered. A quick Google search will give you more information.

This is a dream we've had for a long time and last week it finally came to fruition. Our first carcass delivery arrived to our new butcher shop, which is right here ON THE FARM! We are now set up and licensed to cut & package our red meat all on site. How awesome is that?! Once our animals are harvested, Michael will be dropping off the sides on a weekly basis where they'll chill in our cooler until they're just right to cut & wrap. We raise it, we cut it, we package it. We've got you covered from beginning to end. Farm to table at its finest.

Over the summer we realized we needed some more "catpower" when it came to mice on the farm. After some research we found Best Friends Animal Society - Utah and their Community Cat Program. We spoke with Jessica, who recommended six cats for the size of our farm, then came out and set us up. She brought shelters, food, litter, toys - anything and everything these feline friends would need.

The six we adopted were rescued from a house that had about fifty cats. They're not necessarily wild, but not a good fit for a inside home. They've been perfect for us! After keeping them in the large cage for a few weeks to get used to their surroundings, we set them loose and they've been hard at work. At first they were somewhat timid, but as time has passed they have become more comfortable and settled in quite nicely.

If you have some space or need some mouse help, contact Best Friends. They have a great program!

Going into winter is a great time to stock your freezer with healthy, local meats. Our next bulk orders will be available DECEMBER 14 & 16. Deposits are due this SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 25. Corriente & Angus beef, pork, and lamb are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.


Many of you know and love Kristin who currently runs our farm store. (Not to be confused with Kristen, Farmer Shayn's wife!) She posted this delicious recipe and trust us, it's good. She's an amazing cook who knows the ins and outs of all sorts of food allergies& intolerances, and has great tips for everything from GAPS to Keto. If you ever have a question when you're in the store, make sure to ask her!

"Tis the season for hearty soups! Try out this dish we threw together for lunch today: Kielbasa Kraut Soup. It really hits the spot! Grab some Kielbasa at the farm and use up your homemade broth (see us if you need soup bones.) Grass fed goodness combined with probiotic-rich sauerkraut and you have a deeply nourishing bowl! Paleo, Keto, and Gaps friendly. If those aren't you, serve it up with a slice of fresh sourdough from the farm! Do you have a wholesome recipe to share? Send it to and we will share the love!

Kielbasa Kraut Soup
2 quarts broth ( I had turkey on hand, but any will do)
2-3 stalks of celery, diced
1 onion, diced
1-2 package UNM kielbasa (depending on how hearty you want your soup)
minced garlic, about a Tablespoon
2 bay leaves

Put broth on to simmer in a large pot. Toss in a couple bay leaves, the minced garlic and celery.
In a separate skillet, add kielbasa and onion. If kielbasa are frozen, add ¼ water and put a lid over the pan and let steam on medium-low setting until you can separate and spread out the sausages. Then turn the heat up to medium-high and cook until they temp around 150 degrees, turning occasionally and stirring onions. Remove from heat.
Let the kielbasa rest for a minute, then slice them into bite size pieces and add to broth along with the onions and any liquid in the pan.

Let the soup simmer 10 minutes or longer, until ready to serve. Remove bay leaves.
Put a generous portion of sauerkraut in each serving bowl before ladling soup on top. (Keeping it separate till serving preserves the live action of the sauerkraut and will cool your soup down to tongue-ready temperature!

Salt and pepper to taste, if needed.

Oh, the milk woes are plentiful right now. We love our raw milk and apparently you do too because we are selling out at lightning speed every store day. It's a combination of factors:
1. sales are up because people get back into their routines as school gets underway
2. production is down because the cows give less as the weather cools off
3. you are preaching the raw milk gospel to those you know and they are becoming converted. (Which is totally awesome!)

Unfortunately this means milk goes fast and it's not a quick fix. We are looking for more cows, but we are very particular about what we will add to our dairy herd. We do have many of our own cows who are due to calve soon and that will help too. In the meantime, know that if you do want milk you'll need to arrive within 30 minutes or so of when we open our doors. And please be patient with us - we are continually working to do what we can to solve this issue.

On another note, we still do not have chicken in stock. Shayn decided to wait until after Thanksgiving to harvest them as we've been so busy with turkeys. We will send an email out when we have an availability date for those birds.

It's been amazing to see the farm grow this past year. Just within the past two months we've had a surprising amount of new customers, along with so many familiar faces we know & love. At a time when many farms are closing their barn doors, we are grateful to watch our small farm becoming something of value & worth to the community. We are able to grow because of your support! When you purchase from us you are saying yes to agriculture, to food choice, to happy animals, to healthy food, and to the knowledge of where you food comes from. Please know how thankful we are.

Thanksgiving thoughts from Joel Salatin. We're continually inspired by his passion & dedication to small farms, pastured animals, & their humane treatment.


Does it matter? Do we care

About that turkey lying there

Oven roasted and golden brown

Stuffed and dressed in festive gown?


As we prepare to sit and celebrate

Should we not properly contemplate

How this turkey had a life

Before being placed on fork and knife?


Did this creature live in one big crowd

Or dance in pasture under fluffy cloud?

Did he breathe in daily fecal pall?

Does any of this matter, at all?


Do we desecrate this sacred sacrifice

If the turkey's life was nothing nice,

If its lungs were filled with fecal soup

And it lived all day in its dreadful poop?


Did this turkey ever see the sun rise,

Scratch the grass, or chase down flies?

Long before he gave his life for us,

Did we care, or is that too much fuss?


What about his chance to express turkiness,

Experience joy, discovery, and happiness?

Or was it just one dull crowded feathery mass,

No sun, no bugs, no worms, no grass.


How do you feel now, staring down

At that turkey, golden brown?

Does his life before the festive platter

Actually, truly, really matter?


If he's just an inanimate machine,

A pile of protoplasmic protein,

Then it surely doesn't matter

What occurred before the platter.


Food is more than stuff and treat;

It's always life before we eat.

How we sacrifice for each other

Is the mark of a true brother.


So the turkey's life before the table

Clears our conscience, makes us able

To morally appreciate, to celebrate

This turkey's final abbreviate.


Does it matter? Do we care

About that turkey lying there?

The moral point is we must

Before we, ourselves, return to dust.

Poem by Joel, written 10/23/17



Chicken is Back (May 2017 Update)

This is just our first batch - we'll be processing birds for the next two weeks so more will be on the way. Organs & feet will also be restocked.

It's Memorial Day weekend and the weather is warming up - kick off summer with something good on the grill. Choose from bratwurst, chops, steaks, salmon, burgers & more. All from UNM animals raised outside and on fresh greens. And don't forget we also carry local barbecue sauces & seasonings which pair great with our meat.

Meet the our newest farmhands - Pete & Paul. These guys are 4,000 pounds of horsepower combined with the most mellow personalities. Shayn brought them back from Iowa last month when he visited the Waverley Midwest Horse Sale and they've fit right in, helping us with discing, planting & plowing.

We needed a new team as we lost Duke earlier this year due to old age. King is still here working hard. Although he can't quite pull as much as he used to, he makes the rounds with Shayn to help feed all the animals each morning.

Our next bulk orders will be available JUNE 15 & 17. Deposits are due TOMORROW - SATURDAY, MAY 27. Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and salmon are all currently available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

Henry often spends his time on calf duty. He has appointed himself to this position and takes it very seriously. ;) It's heartwarming to see him watch over the new arrivals on the farm. We've had a few new calves this month a some are right by the farm store where you can stop by for a visit.

This is an eye-opening article reviewing some of the large organic milk producers. It's a great reminder to KNOW YOUR FARMER when possible. We place more value on transparency at our farm than we do on a label. Buy local whenever possible. Stop in. Visit the animals. Ask questions. Speak with the people growing your food. Unfortunately these labels don't mean much if you don't know your farmer.

“About half of the organic milk sold in the U.S. is coming from very large factory farms that have no intention of living up to organic principles,” said Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit group representing thousands of organic farmers. “Thousands of small organic farmers across the United States depend on the USDA organic system working. Unfortunately, right now, it’s not working for small farmers or for consumers.”

Why Your 'Organic' Milk May Not Be Organic

Plus, it's a great time to buy milk from the farm! With warmer weather the girls are giving us much more of their liquid gold and our supply is awesome right now.



Spring Has Sprung! (March 2017 Update)

We survived the winter and have been loving the sunshine. We snapped this picture of our goats out one afternoon - the animals are enjoying the warmer weather too.

Did you know we offer goat meat in our store? It's worth a try - it has a very distinct flavor. All of our goats are 100% grass fed too, just like our beef.

Please take note! Beginning April 15 our Saturday store hours will be 10:00am-3:00pm. Between milking, feeding, cleaning & bottling, it's too much for our team to get done before we open. We've found we need an extra hour to have everything ready for your visit. We'll send out another reminder email as the date approaches. (Tuesday & Thursday store hours will remain the same.)

Our butcher has been having some problems with his smoker, so unfortunately our cured meats are not restocked. We hope to have them next week, but we'll keep you updated and get an email out when they're ready.

Chicks are in the brooders and doing well. Our first batch will be ready in May. As we get closer we'll have a firm date.

Brats are back in stock and we've had them on the menu twice this week already. They're that good! One night we grilled, and one night we pan-fried them in a little raw butter*. Delicious! Four brats to a package for $6 and available in our farm store.

(By state law, we cannot sell raw butter. Or raw cream. Or raw anything - but raw milk. We do skim the cream off our milk and make our own butter and it's AWESOME. Try it sometime!)

It's the perfect time to stock your freezer with healthy meat for the winter. Our next bulk orders will be available APRIL 20 & 22. Deposits are due TOMORROW, SATURDAY, APRIL 1. Corriente & Angus beef, pork, lamb and salmon are all currently available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

What's a farm without a barnyard cat, right? This is Woody*, our resident mouse-catcher. It's rare that we see her much during store days as she's pretty shy and stays away from people she doesn't know, but you might catch a glimpse here and there while she's on the hunt. She's an awesome mouser and fits in perfectly here at the farm.

(*Name courtesy of a Toy Story-loving, five-year old boy.)


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