Raw Milk: Short Supply Sorrow

It doesn’t happen often, but once in awhile our raw milk demand is bigger than our raw milk production. Nothing has changed on our end - we’re still milking the same number of cows, which are producing the same amount of milk. But we’re selling out day after day and right now is one of those times.

Unfortunately, there’s not a quick fix for this. We can’t order more milk or simply add more cows to our dairy as an overnight solution. We are extremely selective about what breed of cows we add to our herd, also looking closely at their genetics and diet.


Here are some things to keep in mind while milk is in short supply:

  1. We have fresh milk stocked each day our farm store is open. We bottle our milk three times each week, right before our doors open. If you visit on a Tuesday or Thursday at 2:00pm, or Saturday at 10:00am, there will be milk on the shelves. How long it will be there is difficult to determine.
  2.  We have the most milk on Tuesdays. When we bottle that day it’s milk from Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, while the other days we bottle milk from two days (Wednesday & Thursday’s on Thursday, Friday & Saturday’s on Saturday). We have been selling out as quickly as 45 minutes on Saturdays.
  3. We cannot pre-sell or hold milk. We understand there are health reasons you need milk. We know some have to drive hours to pick it up. But there are many who share the same needs and we just can’t accommodate them all. The logistics of accepting payments, coordinating pick ups, and managing it would be a large job in addition to the existing farm work we also need to get done each day. We feel our first-come, first-served policy is the most fair to all in this situation.
  4. We post on social media when we are sold out. Check our Facebook and Instagram feeds before you head to the farm to see if milk is still in stock. You’re also welcome to call or text our farm number to find out (801-896-3276).
  5. We will have more milk soon. Both warmer temperatures as we move into spring, and a few dairy cows who are due to calve soon, will increase milk supply.

The amount of milk we have does change throughout the year. Our cows give less in the colder months, usually when demand is higher, and more in the warmer months, usually when demand is lower. It would be nice if production and demand coincided a little better, but we understand it’s just part of the cycle of eating real food from a farm.


As we work through these times of short supply, know how much we appreciate your patience and continued support. As a small farm it’s a relief to know we are selling all we can produce - none of it goes to waste. We also value your smiles in our store during an occasional long wait in line, as well as your commitment to healing, local food. Thank you for being part of UNM!


Urgent Legislation - Raw Cream & Butter

Let's make a change!

Did you know raw cream and raw butter are illegal to sell in Utah? Our Representative, Kim Coleman, is trying to change it via House Bill 182, which will legalize the sale of these two products from licensed raw milk producers. (To read the text of the bill click here.) We just learned this bill will be heard by the House Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee tomorrow, Wednesday, February 6 at 4:00pm. The bill needs to make it out of committee to then be voted on.

Here's how you can help:

1. Attend the meeting! This show of support will let the committee know there are many Utah citizens who want the freedom to purchase raw cream and raw butter. The meeting will be Wednesday, February 6th, at 4:00pm in Rm 445 State Capitol Building (it is the main building, on the 4th floor). To see the agenda click here.

2. Contact the committee members! A simple email or phone call to let them each know you support this bill. A list of members can be found here, or their contact information is below:

Rep. Keven J. Stratton | 801-836-6010 (no email available)
Rep. Logan Wilde | | 435-412-4384
Rep. Carl R. Albrecht | | 435-979-6578
Rep. Joel K. Briscoe | | 801-946-9791
Rep. Scott H. Chew | | 435-630-0221
Rep. Susan Duckworth | | 801-250-0728
Rep. Joel Ferry | | 435-465-8887
Rep. Timothy D. Hawkes | | 801-928-9008
Rep. Phil Lyman | | 435-459-2800
Rep. Michael K. McKell | 801-210-1495 (no email available)
Rep. Derrin R. Owens | | 435-851-1284
Rep. Douglas V. Sagers | | 435-830-3485
Rep. Christine F. Watkins | | 435-650-1969

For convenience here are all of the available email addresses:

This bill will be met with opposition from some large agriculture organizations. We know it's short notice but anything you can do will help. Our farm will be there to speak in support of this and we would love to have you join us.

Here's to healthy, healing foods and the freedom to choose what we eat!


Eat, Learn, Grow (January 2019 Update)

Happy new year! And with it we welcome winter to the farm. Now that the cold has arrived we have trucks that won't start, water troughs frozen over, and a biting wind most mornings when we head out to do chores. Although this season brings it challenges we also welcome a bit of rest. We focus on our highest priority of keeping our animals healthy and fed in the elements, but we also have some time to plan for the upcoming year - the arrival of chickens, turkeys, produce, new products, and new classes. It's exciting as we brainstorm with our team and we look forward to what this urban oasis has in store for us all. We're so glad you're joining us. Welcome to a new year on the farm!

UNM Bone Broth. Full of collagen, healthy fats, and a variety of minerals. It protects your joints, it's good for your gut, and helps your skin & immune system. We love to sip a piping hot mug of it on these cold winter mornings. We brew our broths right here at the farm with our grass-fed and pastured bones, along with a chicken foot for that added boost of goodness.

Beef and chicken are currently in stock - $9.00/quart. Or pick up some bones to simmer your own. All UNM bones are currently $2.00/pound and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We have beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey, each with their unique flavors and benefits. If you're feeling brave, we also have chicken feet in the store. These are a wonderful addition to any stock you make, giving your broth added collagen. They are peeled and ready to just toss in your brew.

We'll also we holding our Bone Broth class in February if you'd like to learn more. Watch our website or social media pages as we'll have a set date scheduled soon.

Hi! We're the Whitakers! (a.k.a. Shopgirl Kristin :)

Among the many things I am grateful for is all of you I get to visit with at the farm. I love our shared passion for good, healthy food and ethical, sustainably raised meat. I love "talking shop" with you, hearing your health journeys, and sharing tips and recipes together. The kind of people that shop at UNM are my peeps! So I thought I would share what I am most grateful for: my family. You may recognize these smiling faces as I am doubly blessed that my kids get to work at the store with me! They take turns each day. (You'll even find my hubby from time to time in the garden and round about.) I love having adventures with them including hiking, camping, cooking, and scary movies. They crack me up all the time. They love helping customers in the store or to the car, they love interacting with the animals, and they love finding fun wherever they are. My heartfelt thanks to all of you that have been kind to them and made this such a great learning experience! From all of us to you, may the New Year bring light and love, health and wellness to us all. See you at the farm!

Here's a fun throwback picture. It's amazing how the landscape has changed around us in the past few years.

In 2010 we began raising and harvesting broiler chickens. We'd set up the equipment a few times each season and spend the day working with our small boys alongside our friend, Troy, who showed us the ropes (it was new territory for us!). Then the law changed and we were required to have a poultry processing facility and harvest the birds indoors. It was a big, nervous leap to build it but we're so glad we did as it now allows us to provide our awesome UNM pastured chickens every year.

Currently our set up doesn't look much different than this. We use the same equipment, same skills. It's just that now we have a processing room to work in, although at times we do miss the chance to be outdoors.

There' so much talk about weight loss at the beginning of each year. In her new class, Kristin will walk you through the biology behind it, learning to work with your body to achieve a healthy weight. We'll also chat about Keto this month and learn the ins and outs of beekeeping. Check out what's on the calendar below:

Thursday, January 10 at 6:30pm
Instructor: Kristin Whitaker - owner at Little Purple Barn, Market Manager at UNM
Tuition: $15 (includes instructional booklet, recipes, samples, and Kristin's contact information for ongoing support)

  Register Here  

Thursday, January 24 at 6:30pm
Instructor: Kristin Whitaker - owner at Little Purple Barn, Market Manager at UNM
Tuition: $15 (includes recipes, tips, samples, and Kristin's contact information for ongoing support)

  Register Here  

Tuesday, January 29 at 6:30pm

Instructor - Mark Ellingson of Neighborhood Beekeeping
Tuition - $25 (includes one jar of Beejuvenate balm)
Mark recommends ordering bees by February so this a great time to begin making your plan for the upcoming year.

  Register Here  

Pork was once marketed as "the other white meat", but pork raised right is full of color and looks similar to beef. UNM Chops come from pigs eating greens and our custom feed mix, spending their days outside to root the earth and wallow in the mud. No corn. No soy. Just clean feed which means clean meat.

We're currently taking reservations for bulk order pick up in January. Our next orders will be available JANUARY 24 & 26. Deposits are due SUNDAY, JANUARY 6 (tomorrow!). Corriente beef, Angus beef, lamb, and pork are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

 Corriente Beef      Angus Beef      Pork      Lamb      Salmon 



A Local Thanksgiving (November 2018 Update)

                                                FARM HAPPENINGS                                                 

The falling leaves and cool weather are ushering in one of our favorite holidays on the farm. Our work and care through the summer means a feast for the fall as our beautiful, pastured turkeys are ready for a place at the center of your Thanksgiving table. What makes a UNM bird so good? Grass. And plenty of it. Each day our poultry graze on greens as we harvest sprouts from our greenhouses for them. This, along with any insects and worms they forage throughout the day, and our custom no corn/no soy poultry feed, means a bird better than any other.

We still have a great selection of turkeys and will be harvesting more throughout next week. If you're interested in necks for a tasty broth, or hearts and livers for nutrient-dense eating, we also have those available to purchase. From raw cheeses to lard, bone broths to eggs, we have many ingredients at the farm to help you eat local for Thanksgiving this year.

Our rich, creamy raw milk is plentiful right now. Many of you remember the woes of a year ago when our milk sold as quickly as we could bottle it. We've made some adjustments at the dairy in anticipation of a busier season and all who come for a gallon are able to get it! There's an incredible amount of cream on our milk this time each year. Components increase in the fall, while unfortunately, production decreases - but it's all part of the cycle on the farm. Now is a great time to grab an extra gallon and whip up some butter, or try a batch of sour cream.

We milk each morning and after a couple of days this tank is full. Next up we bottle and have it fresh on the shelves. Never pasteurized. Never homogenized. Never altered in any way. Just pure, raw milk. There's no reason to tamper with something so good in the first place!


You may have seen the many food recalls throughout the nation in the news recently. What a complicated mess our food system has become! And such a sad waste of so many animals. Keep it simple! Grow it yourself. Buy from your local farm. Cook at home. Use real ingredients. Take back control over your food. You will eat better, it will taste better, and you will feel better.

"These recalls demonstrate just how complex and interconnected our food system is today. When you buy something from the store, it’s possible the company that produced it was three companies ago,' said Will Wallace, senior food policy analyst for Consumers Union. 'This is a big deal. It could impact tens of thousands of people, if not more." 

Recall hits millions of pounds of food

Please note our holiday hours at the farm for Thanksgiving this year:

                                                UPCOMING CLASSES                                               
Join us as we welcome Emily Saddler to the farm to talk the power of herbs, or come learn the ins & outs of the hive with our favorite beekeeper. Below is what's currently on the calendar. Simply follow the links to sign up:

Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30pm
Instructor - Emily Saddler of
Tuition - $12 (includes make & take Winter Fire Cider remedy & recipes)

 Register Here 

Thursday, November 29 at 6:30pm
Instructor - Mark Ellingson of Neighborhood Beekeeping
Tuition - $20 (includes one 8oz. jar of local, raw honey)
Mark recommends ordering bees by February so this a great time to begin making your plan for next year.

 Register Here 
                                                UNM BULK ORDERS                                                 

Our cured pork contains four simple ingredients - sea salt, turbinado sugar, hickory smoke, and celery juice powder. This means the meat is cured naturally without the use of sodium nitrate or nitrite. So when you fry up some of our thick cut bacon you know it not only came from UNM pork, but there's no chemicals needed to give it that great flavor.

We're currently taking half and whole pork orders for pick up in December. If cured isn't your thing we also have a fresh option which includes sliced pork belly. Our next orders will be available DECEMBER 13 & 15. Deposits are due SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25. Corriente beef, Angus beef, lamb, and salmon are also available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

 Corriente Beef      Angus Beef      Pork      Lamb      Salmon 

                                            COOKING WITH KRISTIN                                          

We're celebrating as our very own UNM Market Manager, Kristin, had her first published article last month! Check it out in the October issue of Devour Utah Magazine. She's an expert when it comes to bone broth so if you have questions she can help, or take her bone broth class the next time it's on the calendar here at the farm.



                                                      WISE WORDS                                                         


Health, Happy, Harvest Time (August 2018 Update)


This is the best time of the year to eat in Utah! The harvest is on and along with our UNM meat we also have local produce available. Vegetables grown right here at the farm (without herbicides or pesticides!) include:
  • Cucumbers - $1.50/lb
  • Squash - $1.30/lb
  • Tomatoes - $2.00/lb
  • Beans - $2.00/lb
  • Non-gmo corn - 42 cents/ear (Because it's not sprayed you may find a friendly caterpillar inside. It's a good sign!)

We're also carrying fruits from Oberre-Alpine Farm in Alpine, Utah. These include:

  • Blackberries - $3.50/carton
  • Raspberries - $3.50/carton
  • Peaches - $1.50/lb
  • Donut Peaches - $3.00/lb

Enjoy it while it lasts!


Duck eggs are now at the farm! We have a handful this week with more to come. Priced at $10/dozen and we hope to have half-dozens available soon. Pick up some to try the next time you stop in.

Join us for lunch on the farm when you come to our Keto with Kristin: Lunch Edition class, or learn the basics of broth as we prepare for the cold weather of winter. We have a great class lineup for the next couple of months! Below is what's currently on the calendar. Follow the links to sign up.

Saturday, August 18 at 1:00pm
Instructor - Shayn Bowler
Tuition - $50 (Includes one pastured UNM chicken)

Saturday, September 8 at 1:00pm
Instructor - Kristin Whitaker
Tuition - $35 (Includes one gallon of UNM raw milk, one yogurt start, instructional booklet, etc.)

Tuesday, September 11 at 11:00am
Instructor - Kristin Whitaker
Tuition - $25 (Includes a Keto lunch & recipes)

Tuesday, October 2 at 6:30pm
Instructor - Kristin Whitaker
Tuition - $25 (Includes two packages of UNM bones)

A WELLNESS JOURNEY: Food, Supplements, & Glycobiology
Thursday, October 4 at 6:30pm
Instructor - Larry & Angie Law
Tuition - $5

Don't forget the opportunity to help us bottle-feed our calves! Every Saturday at 11:00am.

A peek inside our smokehouse one morning. Our favorite butcher, Wally, smoked more Bratwurst so if you haven't tried them yet, grab a package on your next visit to the farm. Juicy, full of flavor, and ready in minutes - all you need to do is warm them up! We have both Smoked Kielbasa and Smoked Chorizo, as well as all of our regular bratwurst flavors in stock - Kielbasa, Chorizo, Hot Cajun, & Apple Cinnamon. Smoked brats are $8/pound. Regular brats are $7/pound.

Our next bulk orders will be available SEPTEMBER 13 & 15. Deposits are due SUNDAY, AUGUST 26. Corriente beef, Angus beef, pork, and lamb are all available. Do you want to try our meat before you make a big purchase? Stop by our farm store and pick up some separate cuts.

All of our 2017 salmon is now sold out but we're taking deposits for the 2018 catch now. It's expected to arrive in September, but it has already shipped and may be here sooner.

This is one of our Jersey girls, Miss 1503. Yes, names are definitely more fun, but numbers give us needed information such as the year the cow was born (2015) and the order in which she arrived (third calf that year).

She's kind of famous around here because she's the very first of our dairy calves born on the farm to also give birth on the farm. She calved earlier this summer and we've since had a couple others do the same. It's beautiful to see it come full circle.

Our dairy has now been open for just over two years and we've been amazed by your support. We're currently brainstorming possibilities of a small expansion to our parlor as the demand for raw milk continues to increase. It's exciting to witness this return to real food because you share your passion for it with others. We always say, "One you go raw, you don't go back!" Thank you for your continued loyalty and love for the farm, the animals, and basic, good food!


A pig's nose may look squishy, but it's a solid muscle they use to dig up the earth. Raising them outdoors with room to wallow in the mud and root for tasty treats to eat allows them to be what they are. It's what Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm has termed "the pigness of the pig" and by doing so we respect their natural instincts.

If you haven't met our pigs stop by their mud hole next time you're at the farm. They're incredibly curious, fun, and love extra attention. They may even let you touch their snout as they say hello!