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Our heritage breed lambs are ruminant animals, so they are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished and never receive any grains - just a diet of sprouts and greens. Because they are a hair sheep instead of a wool sheep, their meat is not greasy and has better flavor.

All of our lamb is hand-cut and wrapped right here on the farm with our in-house butcher. Your order will then be curated by the farmer himself to verify it meets our standard.

Bulk orders are currently available as a WHOLE LAMB only. A $50 deposit is required to reserve your lamb. Each order will include 35 lbs. of packaged meat in a variety of the following cuts:

  • Ground
  • Leg
  • Riblets
  • Chops/Steaks
  • Roast
  • Stew Meat



Our next whole lamb orders will be available Thursday, NOVEMBER 14 & Saturday, NOVEMBER 16. Deposits must be made by Sunday, OCTOBER 27 to pick up on those days. The balance of your order will be due at that time.



$315 for 35 pounds ($9/lb.)

Currently Available