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We partner with Kwee-Jack Fish Company who participates in the salmon run each year in Bristol Bay, Alaska. The salmon is flash frozen and then shipped to us. Plus, it's sushi-grade so it's perfect for your favorite homemade roll. You won't find better salmon! It's fresh, delicious and has amazing health benefits.


Separate Fillets: 2019 catch is now available in our farm store. Individual fillets are $15.75/lb.

Bulk Order Case: 2019 Catch has arrived!

  • A deposit of $50 is required to reserve your case.
  • Once you place your deposit an email confirmation will be sent. 
  • A second email with pick up instructions will follow once we have an arrival date for the salmon.
  • The balance of payment ($225) will be due when you receive your order at the farm.



20 pound case = $275 ($13.75/lb.)

$50 Deposit Required

Fall 2019 Bulk Salmon Deposit